Atlanta Voice Coaching

Yes, you can learn how to modify your accent.

If English is your first language, it usually takes 4 - 10 sessions of coaching

and a ton of practicing on your own.

If English is your second language, you will have a lot of improvement with the 4 - 10 sessions, but it may take longer if you are wanting to sound like a native English speaker. It will also take a lot of practice on your own.

Shifting your accent is like shifting any other physical process into a new style.

Think about it in the same way as learning to play classical guitar if you already play rock, or learning to swim, play tennis, golf or any other sport with new technique.

It isn't enough to understand the concept, you have to physically do the new technique

over and over to truly make it useful.  

You will have a general overview and several new sounds to practice from the first session.  We start with the sounds that are giving you or your listeners the most trouble and then we work our way to the more subtle shifts.  

I give you handouts of everything we do,

and we can record the sessions to an mp3 to help you practice on your own.

Everyone's goal is different.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of sessions you need to sign up for.

We go as fast or as slow as works best for you.

ACTORS: Needing to develop a dialect for a role or audition?

There are a couple of ways we can work together to achieve your goal, so let's talk.

Accent Modification